I have a fairly straight forward shortcode for making a quote breakout box which is called as:


Dead easy. However when I try and put a link inside it wordpress won't return the quote at all. All other HTML that I've tried seems fine, it only seems to fall over with something like:


Something like


works fine.

The code to process the shortcode is:


but I don't think this is the problem, I'm guessing wordpress is filtering certain things out somewhere and I need to disable this. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for any help.

From WordPress Codex

The return worth of a shortcode handler function is placed in to the publish content output instead of the shortcode macro. Make sure to use return and never echo - anything that's echoed is going to be output towards the browser, however it will not come in the right put on the page.

Shortcodes are parsed after wpautop and wptexturize publish formatting continues to be applied (but begin to see the note below a couple of.5. and a pair of.5.1 variations). Which means that your shortcode output HTML will not instantly have curly quotes applied, p and br tags added, and thus on. Should you choose would like your shortcode output to become formatted, you need to call wpautop() or wptexturize() directly whenever you return the output out of your shortcode handler.

wpautop recognizes shortcode syntax and can attempt to not wrap p or br tags around shortcodes that standalone on the line on their own. Shortcodes meant for use in this way should be sure that the output is covered with a suitable block tag for example p or div.

Unsure if this helps, but perhaps you have attempted altering the outer quotes to single quotes?

[jasminesays quote="blah de blah"]

or getting rid of the interior quotes?

[jasminesays quote="blah <a href="#">de</a> blah"]