I need some help. I wish to built a person interactive site that enables people to upload videos, comments etc.

Which free platform must i use that will permit finest versatility and growth? I'm a strong PHP coder, but haven't used most of the platforms available.

Also any mods/or applications that may prove useful?

It might be nice if customers might have their very own page and user content was aggregated around the webpage. I must host my very own videos rather than using youtube... often hear about zencoder for that videos... but nonetheless unsure what is the next best step.

Any help could be appreciated.

Wordpress will work for just Blogging. If you would like more data management go for Drupal..

wordpress is actually good only for blogging. besides you are able to improve its performance by setting up your needed plug ins for blogging like junk e-mail obstructing, bad words filter etc. But data management isn't so great for wordpress but pretty good whatsoever. At the outset of my web design existence, i hated this wordpress. however i really like them. its content management systems is nice and simple to keep for the noobs. cheers :)

Consider Buddypress for Wordpress. A different one you can test is Drupal Commons. These two perform a large amount of the meet your needs so that you can take more time designing rather than coding the functionality. The most popular is Wordpress with this type of stuff

You will find plenty of content management systems programs available for example joomla,wordpress,drupal,etc.. to produce and manipulate dynamic websites.

You need to choose a high quality one that satisfies your needs.

It is best to to choose wordpress ,as it is quite simple to integrate blogging sites..