I am searching for a method to dynamically highlight a food selection whenever a user is viewing a webpage that's designated to some given taxonomy or category. For instance a nav bar at the very top with products "Items" and "Strategy". Any page or publish that's produced and it has the course or taxonomy "product" would make the Items food selection to become outlined when you're around the page for your product. I am thinking basically could discover a method to simply use a class to that particular item in line with the criteria above, that will get it done. Any ideas? I am stumped on that one.

I would suggest a front-end approach. This is what I am thinking:

1) You've two or more groups: Items and Strategy ...

2) Each publish in Items may have an appearance class string that consists of a category that is most likely known as items-taxonomy or something like that like this.

3) With jQuery you should check for items-taxonomy or strategy-taxonomy and highlight the particular menu-item. You can do this easily with jQuery selectors so long as you give a specific class for your items category whenever you make your menu.

It might be something similar to this:
add class for items food selection : 'productsMenu'
add class for strategy food selection : 'strategyMenu'
make certain you echo the body_class

var $body = $(body); // better select just once the body
if($body.hasClass('products-taxonomy')) {
    // highlighetMenuItem should be your highlighting class
} else if($body.hasClass('strategy-taxonomy')) {

And yeah... you'll need jQuery around the front-end if you would like this to operate. Or you might use pure javaScript in nearly as many lines of code. :)