I'm adding extra fields towards the Category Page. To date so great, I can use text fields and appearance boxes. However I want a dropdownlist then one goes completely wrong with setting the chosen condition from the choose list. Basically see the HTML source code from the Edit Category page then everything looks fine. The saved value for that drop lower list is proven as selected:

 <option value='23' selected='selected'>  My option value  </option>

Basically copy the entire choose list in the page source code and paste in within an empty HTML document the "23" is properly proven as selected.

So the issue is not within the HTML choose code, but it should be the timing of once the fields are made.

My "extra category fields" code is within my theme's functions.php

Have looked a great deal but aren't able to find anything relating to this specific problem. Hope someone might help.

[EDIT]: Let alone. There should have been something within the cache which was obstructing it. After writing a workaround and seeing a different category everything all of a sudden labored not surprisingly.

To include some value for this question:

  1. I made use of this publish to setup the additional category fields: http://en.bainternet.info/2011/wordpress-category-extra-fields

  2. And also to have the ability to use check boxes, you have to code such as this:

<input type="hidden" title="Cat_meta[legend]" value="" /> <input type="checkbox" title="Cat_meta[legend]" id="Cat_meta[legend]" size="1" style="float: left" value="1" <?php  if ($cat_meta['legend']=="1")  ?>>