I've images submitted in media library in WordPress. I must show the pictures with text composited on the top of these using PHP's GD or something like that similar.

If the were only a common PHP site, I possibly could produce a URL having a search parameter for that text and center it over my image with GD and serve up. In WordPress, I'm a little unclear how to do this. I don't know whether it fits well in to the concepts of Posts and Pages.

I'm able to carry out the programming myself. I'm just searching for some pointers regarding how to get began.

Thanks, Carl

It can be done in WordPress, too. It's mainly only a common PHP site. For instance, you can produce a PHP file that produces the composite because of the text and also the image and employ it like: <img src="/composite.php?image=...&text=...">.

Maybe all the images take presctiption a specific page or publish type. Then you may produce a custom page or publish-type template that parses the $post->post_content for that images, does the compositing, and alters the look tags to suggest towards the new composited images.

Or, more generally for the reason that vein, produce a filter for [cde] that does that for those posts.

You may have the ability to hook in to the WordPress upload system. As images are submitted, you can produce the composite. The [cde] filter might work for your.

Or you might even produce a WordPress cron job that scans the media uploads for brand new records and produces the composites then.