Please suggest me some better ecommerce plug ins for WordPress sites?


Have a look at WP-ecommerce if you are searching for a shopping cart software. As Well As Your Member ( kingdom/wordpress-membership) is alright if you are attempting to do content subscription (ie pay x for use of content within the blog)

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I'm able to heartily recommend Shopp from Ingenesis Limited if you prefer a customisable solution. I have tried personally it for six sites now, some very customised, and - although I have hit problems while you would with any development work - nothing continues to be impossible. This really is due to the fact the Shopp page template and Wordpress plugin API are extremely versatile. Support is nice, although you need to get the hands dirty and check out and work together with the designers to obtain things working i.e. they often will not just write a custom Payment gateway or shipping wordpress plugin for you personally!

One drawback is the fact that I can not link you to definitely the API paperwork simply because they manage a 'buy, try, no quibble money-back factor instead' of the trial, and just allow registered customers to determine all of the paperwork. There's a Feature List here though.