Wordpress is supplying a brand new feature where if you're drenched in it is simple to have an admin bar on top while browsing the website. This is useful if you wish to edit any particular publish/page.

The issue is my team is creating a theme in Wordpress version 3.1.1 which feature was working perfectly until recent. At this time there's always an 'Edit Category' option seems no matter posts/pages/category I am browsing. It said to be 'Edit Post' or 'Edit Page' if I am inside a publish or page. And clicking 'Edit Category' always creates a particular category known as 'Press' regardless of the course I am browsing. We've done function.php a great deal and modified it such therefore it renders posts and groups with various templates in line with the category. It had been fine with this particular logic implemented once we could easily edit posts pages from top admin. But for whatever reason it is not working now!

Any assistance will be appreciated ! Thanks ahead of time ..

After every custom loop you are getting, make certain to make use of wp_reset_query()