I wish to then add note to Publish Edit window in order to alert my Authors when they will add or edit publish.

That may be simple styled text or some ticker or tabbed ui. Hope this is enough to know things i need assistance of your stuff buddies..

you would like some other pannel next/below a publish/page edit/add screen?

add_action( 'add_meta_boxes', 'extra_box' );

function extra_box()
    $cssId = 'extra_box';
    $frontendTitle = 'test';
    $callbackFunction = 'extra_box_content';
    $place = 'side';
    $prio = 'high';

    //add to pages
    add_meta_box($cssId, $frontendTitle, $callbackFunction, 'post', $place, $prio);
    add_meta_box($cssId, $frontendTitle, $callbackFunction, 'page', $place, $prio);

function extra_box_content()
    echo 'ITS A BOX';

take a look at: