Easy question, however i aren't able to find the solution: How do i edit static pages (or posts) with my very own editor rather than using WordPress? I am not asking concerning the particulars of methods to FTP, but rather how can i really discover the pages I produced using WordPress within the WordPress directory?


wordpress creates dynamic pages - which means the web pages only exist as soon as they're asked for. You'd first have to "statify" them - simply downlowding would do, there is however also plug ins that may do that.. Usually required for optimizing speed/cache

Searching for "wordpress static pages wordpress plugin" may help..

PS: this could get the job done of creating wordpress 'static' http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/really-static/

Home windows Live Author is a superb editor for this function. The most recent version (2011) remarkably much better than the very first, that was already a lot more than I was expecting for any free gift, along with a small project team.

Make certain you avoid all of the extra "Live" options and merely leave the Author checked for install. As well as in Wordpress admin configurations, enable XML RPC.

This content from the pages you create are saved within the mySQL database instead of as static files which means you cannot just see them should you examine your directory. The program reads the data in the db when asked for and renders it based on various configurations.

For editing your wordpress pages/records utilizing an exterior editor, wordpress supports an XML RPC interface which may be used to talk to it. For a good example of an emacs extension to edit Wordpress articles, take a look at http://www.tolchz.net/2008/01/06/posting-to-wordpress-with-emacs-webloggerel/. I am sure a number of other editors have this facility too (including, I am brought to think, Ms Word).

Finally, if you wish to make use of the web interface but make use of your own editor for that textboxes in which you edit pages/articles, browse the it's all text wordpress plugin for Opera.