Ok, I am moving a client's website in the Shopp Wordpress plugin for Wordpress towards the eShop Wordpress plugin. Within this site, the posts having a certain tag or category are items.

Within the publish edit/create page, underneath the publish content text box is definitely an area known as "Description Of Product.Inch

You will find numerous input fields there. Sku, description of product, cost, etc.

Within the database, this stuff are put into a lengthy string within the wordpress_postmeta table.

This site's original wordpress plugin had some tables within the database that added the items correctly, and today I am using the info from individuals tables and adding it towards the postmeta table.

Should you edit the publish in the Wordpress panel, it adds the data towards the postmeta table, but when I add exactly the same information towards the database directly, it does not display in the publish information.

Any ideas?