I'm in a real loss only at that problem. I simply produced a plug-in, and also to log those things within the plug-in (when i can't begin to see the creation of the processing), I added a hook to init like so:

add_action('init', 'test_hook');

function test_hook()

   global $wpdb;
   $message = "Some informational message here";
   $wpdb->insert("pq_logs", array("message"=>$message), array("%s"));


What's getting me into submission is the fact that rather than you get one type of entry per page load, I recieve from 1 to eight row records from the same log, with various time stamps. The amount of records that's joined is sporadic and appears to become totally in random (sometimes I am thinking it is dependent around the current climate conditions or even the stock market index).

Used to do the conventional inspections, switched off other plug-inches, but with no success. I looked for that code for something that does do_action('init'), however i was just stated to 1 call at wp-settings.php.

Perhaps you have also experienced? What have you do?

Have you got any links within the site (images, scripts, stylesheets, etc) which are 404'ing? If that's the case, the default 404 page displays a "You're searching for something that's not here" page within the default site theme, so you'll finish up obtaining the init hook known as once for that initial page request, plus once for every bad link.

Doublecheck with Firebug and find out contrary has been known as improperly.