I must display the posts how they are proven if you have "show latest publish" selected under reading through configurations.

I have attempted using query_posts, but that shows the entire publish, not the chunk that seems within the preview using the link at the end.

any ideas things i ought to be querying to obtain that?

Edit I didn't remember to say I attempted while using_excerpt(), but that does not show the look within the publish. Even the index.php file is applying the the_content() and it is exhibiting it generate an income would like it to

If you won't want to show the entire publish, you need to use [cde] rather than the_excerpt() Edit:
From codex:
the_post() Shows this content from the publish and uses "Find out more...Inch for that more link text once the Quicktag can be used.

Essentially, use <?php the_content('Read more...'); ?> and add the quicktag for your article, this can instantly just show the written text before