I am moving a website over that's presently setup in wordpress. I have not got an excellent understanding how Wordpress works however the database all is sensible in my experience. I have built a custom blogging engine for that new site but I have to transfer all of the old posts in to the new site.

Before Time passes writing a script to loop through each posts grab the look url etc after which match that as much as the posts during my own database can there be something that is available already? I can not imagine I am the first one to do that!

Also - shall we be held in convinced that the look(s) for that publish are _wp_attached_file using the corresponding post_id within the wp_postmeta table?

I have labeled this with php for Wordpress but happy for scripts in Python or RoR too when they exist.


There's a plugin that imports you right into a CSV file. It might be better to write a parser for your, I believe - rather than writing a script to question the Wordpress DB

May be the standard wordpress export not detailed enough? I've found mtss is a very handy tool: http://en.support.wordpress.com/export