come with an own personalized form in wordpress.

action=<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/send_form.php"

on submit, it is going always to transmit_form.php but this php is perfect for delivering the data - and that i cant style with using the theme....

it is possible to method to remain on the present page although it transmits the data and print and message inside a area the form continues to be sended succesfully???

anybody possess some suggestion for me personally?

The response to this really is quite involved and setting it up right requires a little care, but listed here are the fundamental points of 1 approach:

  1. The experience should be set to load the present page and this can be done by altering the action attribute within the <form> tag to: action=""
  2. Within the template apply for this site, identify once the page loads following a form submission. This can be done by checking the condition from the $_POST variable.
  3. If you will find publish variables, process the shape submission within the template file. You have to take a look at what goes on in "send_form.php" to determine how to proceed. Be mindful you don't introduce security issues (e.g. make sure to make use of the NONCE).
  4. Redirect to exactly the same page to eliminate the publish variables. If you do not do that individuals will get individuals "Would you like to resubmit the shapeInch warning messages. Begin to see the PHP header() function for doing the redirect and observe that this must happen before any output is distributed towards the page.
  5. Use server sessions to show a "Form submission effective". Set a session variable for your message prior to the redirect, then identify it once the page loads, display it, and take away it therefore the message does not display next time the page loads.

Which should provide you with a beginning point.

If other people includes a simpler solution, I'd like to listen to it too.