I am writing new styles (like pages) for existing theme, to include couple of new options, pages and things like that.

At this time I have produced it effectively, also it working well, however i have difficulties to know, how friendly URL's is working for this.

Now I have made links such as this: http://localhost/liepa6vsk/klases/?class_id=5, also it opens content based on class_id ($_GET['class_id']).

But I'm not sure, how tight some misconception, and taking advantage of rewrites make nice URL, like http://localhost/liepa6vsk/klases/7a/, where 7a is obtained from databases table (title of id 5 row), but still open the best page, and wordpress knows, this is happy, that is binded with id 5 content, not 404, and wrong theme, which I'd rather not use.

Maybe someone formerly had this, and may assist with that out.