I'm completely new at writing Wordpress plug ins, to start I'm trying to produce a simple one which just modifies a string. I authored the script not long ago, and realize that it truely does work. But for doing things for Wordpress I wish to put it on towards the publish game titles. After I changed the string using the function "get_the_title()" it returns a whitened screen. I removed it lower to:

function display_title() {
echo get_the_title();

add_action('the_title', 'display_title');

This still returns a whitened screen. And So I figure it should be the "get_the_title()" function. Can anybody show me why this does not work, and perhaps an additional way to retrieve the title string?

As John states the_title is really a filter instead of an action hook, although your function will be known as no matter whether you register it using add_filter or add_action.

Your condition is the fact that with filters your function is anticipated to come back something (ordinarily a modified version from the argument passed). So, to change the title by using this filter you want to do something similar to this:

function display_title($title) {
    $title .= '!'; // Do something with the title string here
    return $title;

add_filter('the_title', 'display_title');

Well, to begin with, 'the_title' is not an action, it is a filter. To ensure that function isn't firing. Therefore it is not the responsibility of that function, it's most likely another thing. I recommend reading through on the wordpress plugin api and learning the main difference between actions and filters. Filters are particularly made to do what you would like inside a simple way: