I've got a Wordpress page that is showing gallery which i produced by utilizing Wordpress built-in publish editor: in it here's its url: http://jalrosh.com/lylescenter/?page_id=8

The problem is the fact that after i click some image its large image opens inside a new page which is disturbing page design. It will are available in the central area but it's showing up on top of the rest of the page.

You will find several plug ins that can help you do that. For instance http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/lightbox-2-wordpress-plugin/ I've not used this wordpress plugin, but a wordpress wordpress plugin look for "lightbox" included a number of options. Try a number of them out and find out what one you want best.

I've not attempted them but allegedly they ought to take any image and also have it seen using a lightbox (the correct term for getting the look displayed within the existing page).