Oops! Sorry, I came across exactly what the "bug" was, and i'll just tell in advance which i apologize a great deal for asking this, the "bug" was that firebug, which I did previously see the html, does not always appear to show the html verbatim. I am so sorry.

This should not be considered a wordpress problem, however i can't eliminate anything. My code:

print "span onclick=\"replyForm(this,";

print get_the_ID();

print ",\"";

print get_comment_author();

print "\", ";

print get_comment_ID();

print ")>Reply ►/span";

It will output:

span onclick="replyForm(this,1,"name with space", 6)Reply ►/span

But rather it results:

span 6)="" ,="" gamer="" innate="" onclick="replyForm(this,1,">Reply ►/span

Even when they're separate print claims still it handles to garble up. Any idea why this occurs and just how to repair it?

Your variables have quotes inside them, therefore the strings are becoming closed prematurely. Use something similar to addslashes() or preg_replace() to make certain you do not have ' or " inside your strings.

-edit Searching in internet marketing more carefully, you are using " for the onclick and also to surround the string. Change things up having a ' for just one and " for that other.