Im trying to puzzle out howto structure general content that needs to be simple to import inside a page template.

Allows say for instance i've some information and i wish to include the information on multiple pages. One of the ways i attempted was to produce a custom publish type and merely add posts for

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address

I'd then simply just browse the ID's of individuals posts as well as in my template hardcode the ID's into some get_publish() calls, to extract this content.

The issue with this particular approach is

  1. im hardcoding ID
  2. allows say my Address needs different input fields like "Street" / "City" "Local zip code". I quickly will have to create multiple custom publish types, because i cant just combine it with exactly the same since it will make no sense for any email to possess a local zip code area.

I really hope to obtain some pointers to the way i would structure content such as this. I suppose i possibly could write a custom wordpress plugin, however i'd lose out on all individuals features post's has just like a wealthy text area and gallery support, and also the support for adding more fields etc.