I am somewhat a new comer to WordPress which means this might actually be something I am doing wrong.

Regardless of what I actually do I'm not able in order to save groups or custom menus. I feel the motions also it seems to operate (I even obtain the notification it labored) however when I return to either the Groups or Menus pages they are not there. Strange factor is I believe they are being saved towards the DB if I produce a new category it produces an incremental slug (ie: seasonality-7).

Basically visit the dashboard it says I have 8 categories. But when I visit the groups page it says there are none.

Could this have anything related to styles I am using? It is possible to setting I am missing?

I truly appreciate any help I'm able to get.

Just needed to ssh into root to edit the my.cnf file to make use of another directory for tmp. Fixed the problem.