I simply imported my posts from blogger into wordpress. By doing this, the tags were transformed into groups for many strange reason.

I'm now attempting to convert it well into tag using wordpress' built-in ripper tools. However, whenever I click the "Category to tag ripper tools" link, it directs me towards the import page "/import.php". Can there be anything i'm able to do in order to rectify this.

Alternatively, could someone please copy the finish from the URL for that ripper tools tool's page, and paste it here in order to append it to my blog URL. Im speculating that may work meanwhile.

Cheers ahead of time..

The /importer.php document is pointing you right place. Should you see that page again, you can observe at the end there's this line:

  • Groups and Tags Ripper tools - Install the courseOrlabel ripper tools to transform existing groups to tags or tags to groups, selectively.

It is a wordpress plugin you are able to install. Once you have done that, that you can do a myriad of modifications for your tags/groups.

The hyperlink towards the wordpress plugin once installed is: