One thing that drives me in love with wordpress devolopement is I am never capable of finding the best hook and so i figured I'd request here. What I am attempting to do is give a message to the peak of every page by getting my wordpress plugin give a function. What is the best hook to make use of. I wish to place conent immediately after the <body> tag.


That's kinda difficult... Most styles haven't any hooks for the reason that area. You can hook a javascript/html solution into wp_footer and display it towards the top of the page... kind of how Stack Overflow will it, or how Twitter does their notices.

This is actually the best reference for the hooks incorporated in WordPress:

Alternatively, if you're creating the theme yourself and/or can modify it, you may create an action yourself using WordPress' [cde] function. This is the way they create their other hooks. So essentially inside your theme, you'd go where you need to, immediately after the do_action tag, and make a move like:


You may also pass arguments towards the action callback, begin to see the linked documentation for information.

Then later on, you'd simply employ the [cde] function to hook about it.


Hope that can help. Sorry basically misinterpreted.

Within this scenario, things i do is: Use Jquery to append or prepend things: