Has Wordpress a function or something like that like this?I want a method to see if you will find any page links(Older Records More recent Records)to become displayed or otherwise.


Although like many i personally use the pagenavi wordpress plugin by Lester Chan.right http://lesterchan.net/wordpress/readme/wp-pagenavi.html

As Marcus stated, the function has_next_page() does not work with more recent wordpress versions, so that you can simply employ get_previous_posts_link() and get_next_posts_link() in a if statement.

Should you consider the new_posts_link function, you will see a $max_page and $paged vars.

When the $pages is greater to at least one, there's an earlier page link.
It it's more compact to $max_page, there's a next page link.

So that you can perform the following functions :

# Will return true if there is a next page
function has_next_page() {
    global $paged, $max_page;
    return $paged < $max_page;

# Will return true if there is a previous page
function has_previous_page() {
    global $paged;
    return $paged > 1;

# Will return true if there is more than one page (either before or after).
function has_pagination() {
    return has_next_page() or has_previous_page();