Inside a wordpress plugin, I'm producing a paginated connect to a category,
i.e. http://localhost/?cat=17&paged=5. The course is famous by slug and id.

It is possible to method to have this URL transformed into the consumer defined "nice permalink" format,
i.e. http://localhost/category/foo/page/5?

(Presuming we are running Wordpress 2.8/2.9+)

Edit: Since you will find some misconceptions by what I am attempting to achieve, this is what I've:

  • The course ID
  • The page number (i.e. the 5th page of this category's archive)

With one of these data I'm able to produce the Hyperlink to that page, which may be, for instance, http://localhost/?cat=17&paged=5, which is effective. The issue is of the visual character: When the user has pretty permalinks enabled, than the will not easily fit in perfectly. Real question is: How do you obtain the correct, pretty permalink (i.e. http://localhost/category/foo/page/5) from (or) the data I've?

Edit 2: Clearly if your user has pretty permalinks disabled, then you will find no pretty permalinks. I understand that, which is actually not subject from the question ... For now, let us just assume the consumer comes with an arbitrary permalink setting. I produce a link, also it need to look such as the user wants it to.

I am speculating you already figured it however i wanted to place this out for other people. I believe I realize your circumstances. If I have read your question properly, altering admin permalink configurations doesn't apply.

You will get the course ID then use get_category_link() function to obtain the 'pretty' permalink. Then append the pagination towards the finish.

You can explode the permalink to obtain the category ID and pagination number, then make use of the step-above to assemble it.

Is that which you were searching for?

My Wordpress installation (2.9.2) performs this instantly - canonical Web addresses happen to be included in Wordpress for a while. Maybe your wordpress plugin is disabling this feature?

take a look page out, it describes pretty permalinks very good.

You need to find these configurations in


I believe


within the direction what you would like

You may also attempt to redirect your url using htaccess, here are a few good examples:


Sorry darf bis jetzt nur ein link posten pfft... :-(

xox, Mahatmanich

Perhaps you have checked out the WP_Rewrite?

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