hi im while using latest version of wordpress version 5.8.4

im wondering the way i would add extra information. i've got a navigation that appears something similar to this.

home about us e mail us ... etc.

i just read somewhere to visit pages -> addnew however it forces me to place this content within wordpress instead of edit a php file itself.

wouldso would i have the ability to enter php inside it? can there be another thing i'm able to do?


thanks ahead of time.

Produce a Template inside your theme folder, then set the page to make use of that.

If you wish to get it done without developing a Template, you might have the ability to make use of a wordpress plugin for example Exec-PHP, however this brings by using it a lot of possible security issues.

Why would you like a content page outdoors of Wordpress and outdoors from the Wordpress loop? You'll still want to use a template and Wordpress includes or you'll encounter permalink problems.

You may make a Wordpress page but exclude it from navigation, if that is what you are after, with something similar to Exclude Pages.

I am a bit unclear about what you are asking, but when what you are searching for is a method to possess a link inside your WordPress navigation that would go to a webpage you create outdoors of WordPress, this can be used wordpress plugin:


If the and also the other solutions are not any help, you might like to edit your question to explain what you are trying related to the php.

Best of luck!

You are able to follow this short tutorial about how to add a link only to a specific page in Wordpress. Hope is helps.