Can you really possess a wordpress plugin or something like that that will publish one blog every day at specific time, which may contain just one poll and let comments.

Picture this,

  • every single day at 12.00AM a brand new blog publish seems with similar poll everyday "How's your entire day today?" a) good b) bad

  • this poll could be modified by admin, and there after the modified version is released daily

  • customers can election only one time per poll (most likely by IP)
  • customers can also add comments
  • admin should have the ability to add other content when needed but poll-blogs should continue auto posting

There you have it. Let me have this completely automatically.

It does not need to be Wordpress it may be Tumblr or other things that's available, but your blog format could be most appropriate.

Wordpress-Polls is really a Wordpress Poll extension that you could plan a polls to become added.