I must determine if there's is available some simple code to get at the page i understand its ID , I must create small input (wherever in templates)where the folks can certainly arrive at the page when they know it's page ID (4numeric ID 's better to remember - permalink title you are able to mistake . I've the women portfolio in wordpress - portfolio=pages x jobs in clubs offers=posts , I'd like the women investment portfolios to become easily findable by ID(s) , if at all possible exactly the same for that posts=jobs in clubs The very best solution little 4-5numeric input and send=go button in sidebar.php - index.php etc

Resolved !!! works perfect because of the writer of the code who assisted me to really make it run in the hyperlink above , so Thanks to both males !!!Because of real author from the code and also the editor who clarified the initial question .[link text][1]

          $url = get_permalink($post_id);

          if ($url) {
              wp_redirect($url); echo " ";
          } else {
              $_redirect_to = $_POST[ '_redirect_to' ];
              wp_die("ID can not be found … <a href =’" . $_redirect_to . "’>Back</a>");

[1]: http://www.bakawan.com/log/howto-wordpress-redirect-based-on-post-id/comment-page-1/#comment-6654"Code author's site"

i take something similar to this in here source. Maybe it can benefit, though i'm not sure if it is working


function baka_show_form_redirect() publish" title="redirect_to_publish_id" class="description" style="color:#ffffont-size:10pxtext-align:leftposition:fixedtop:40px">

      <h4>Theme Feature</h4>


          <li><label for="publish_id" title="Put statistical worth of existing publish ID">Redirect to ID (statistical) : </label>

          <input title="publish_id" type="text" maxlength="4" class="description"

              style="width:30pxdisplay:inlineborder:nonecolor:#000" /></li>


        <input title="_redirect_to" type="hidden" value="’ . get_permalink() . ‘" />


  echo $form_search;

function baka_validasi_publish_id() Publish[ 'post_id' ] &lifier&lifier $_Publish[ 'post_id' ] != ” ) publish_id = $_Publish[ 'post_id' ] if (absint($publish_id))

add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘baka_show_form_redirect’) add_action(‘init’, ‘baka_validasi_publish_id’) ?>