Hello everybody in wordpress I'm wondering how you can QUERY the Publish TITLE and also the TAGS inside individuals Publish. I've now queried the Publish title Publish date but Im missing the Publish TAGS since it is situated on different table and that i dont understand how to Choose the TAGS inside each Publish. Thanks, any reply is deeply appreciated thanks greatly

Wouldso would soemthing such as this meet your needs. It essentially states to show my way through the left table (wordpress_posts) it matches the publish id's both in tables and shows tags if tags exist. Some variation of the should meet your needs. There may we just a little messing around to get this work right but this is actually the idea anyway.

SELECT wp_posts.ID, wp_posts.post_title, wp_posts.guid, wp_posts.date, 
FROM wp_posts
LEFT JOIN othertable
ON wp_posts.ID=othertable.ID
WHERE wp_posts.post_type='post' AND wp_posts.post_status ='publish'

by other column i am talking about the column title of the tags, othertable may be the title from the other table