[Update: I have found the API reference. The technique used is below]

<?php wp_delete_post( $postid, $force_delete = false ) ?>

I have got a wordpress wordpress plugin that produces my default pages for me personally (about us, e mail us, online privacy policy, etc) initially when i first use a new wordpress site. It really works very well and provides us a quick boost to quickly build the website.

However, one problem I've is the fact that I still need to by hand take away the default wordpress page (about) and publish ("hello world") in addition to enable Akismet.

Let me add these characteristics to my wordpress plugin.

My question:

Presuming I am removing by ID, can one reasonably rely on the default ids of these pages to stay constant from site to site and host to host? (ie, has anybody discovered that their are variations in a variety of hosting company wordpress contractors that will create different IDs of these pages)

Otherwise, I guess I possibly could remove in line with the page title matching "About" and "Hello World". It's a completely new site, in the end.

I suppose / assume IDs are identical on new installations automatically. (but may be far better to remove according to title).

You can auto-enable plug ins, but sometimes you need to make use of a different wordpress.com account (API key) to activate your Akismet. Recent Akismet secrets may also be acquired by email - so you may possibly wish to change them every so often or different projects.