I am learning wordpress and php.

Essentially, I would like the

function draw_ad() {
//       echoing an image inside a div -- StackOverflow does not allow me to post img tags : )

add_action('the_content', 'display_ad');


Essentially, I wish to give a picture and have the ability to manipulate the "left" and "top" css options... however with a wordpress plugin. So it will likely be just like a strange picture that covers regardless of the area on screen which i would like it to cover :P.

Yes, it's type of sloppy, but that is things i was requested to complete : P.

The add_action('the_content', 'display_ad') type of will it, however it removes the entire content.

It is possible to better method of doing this?

It is possible to method to tell the wordpress Wordpress plugin to include this , say, prior to the theme's header, and never content? (As with, have the ability to put this factor wherever you need to within the html body tags?

Thanks, men!

From theme developing Home theater system . can also add code towards the header and also at the finish from the body tag. (wordpress-header, wordpress-footer)

The very best factor would be to place the image tag in the finish from the body and elegance it with position:fixed;. You do not need a div round the img tag.