Continue, laugh in the newbie.

Some time back, all of the images on disappeared...they simply were not there. Within the posts edit area these were all damaged, and all sorts of the hyperlinks are no more working.

We rode it and finally a lot new content was created it got hidden and everything looked pretty again - brand new image uploads labored fine.

But it is happened again. Logo design is okay, it is simply the pictures in posts which are getting a hissyfit. The hyperlinks aren't effective towards the actual images after i try load individuals either. Other media (music) is okay too.

Nothing during my error login my ftp. Not transformed any plug ins. I have were built with a Google, nada. Has anybody experienced this?

Something has happened somewhere!! Hopefully my next question is a much more technical.

No real answer here but the entire process of verifying directory contents outdoors from the WordPress interface, then searching for variations and what causes variations will probably make you an underlying cause in both someone giving WordPress inside a truly funky way, or difficulties with your host company. (This is actually the review of our comments above.)