I am searching for a strategy to regularly show a publish around the startpage. The best way to archieve this really is to update the final modification date of the publish, which may be easily done utilizing an SQL statement. Alas this skips the standard Wordpress update hooks for example "publish new records to twitter".

So I am searching for a PHP cronjob script to "emulate" the consumer upgrading the alteration date of the publish and clicking the publish button.

How do i do that? Adding wordpress_load.php to my script after which ... ?

Thank you for advice, Johannes

You cannot make use of the "Stick this publish towards the top of the pageInch function under "Visibilty" within the "Publish" portion of the publish editor? After which make use of your Twitter wordpress plugin posting choices to retweet once the publish is edited?

You are able to modify your template/theme file to exhibit specific posts or almost other things...

All that you should know is a touch PHP and study the WordPress Codex

Take a look at query_posts(): http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/query_posts

Interesting reactions to date, but I am unsure basically referred to my goals properly. I'd rather not stick posts, I want an element like the Unix "touch" - modify a post's creation date to NOW and (within the situation of wordpress) execute brand new publish handlers for example publish to twitter.

query_posts is actually a helpful function to create the startpage, however it does not go far enough during my situation.

What's this startpage?

I'm able to only think about a Home page inside your situation, and as you've mentioned before, Training regimen wordpress-load.php after which produce the loop.

If you're attempting to grab the most recent publish inside your wordpress blog increase the date to present day current date, you'll most likely have to perform a query within the wordpress database.

$wpdb->query("UPDATE wp_post SET post_date = date WHERE id = id");

The above mentioned query will require some modification. After that place the that inside a cronjob.