I must determine if there's an API for WordPress, built-in Objective-C for iOS. This API must offer the following:

  • It has to support custom servers (e.g. www.myblog.com, rather than myblog.wordpress.com).

  • It has to let me create a publish towards the blog, and allow me to save a publish like a draft.

  • It ideally could be simple to setup, I merely authenticate the consumer, and get access to things i want, such as this

WordPress *wp = [[WordPress alloc] initWithServer:[NSURL URLWithString:@"http://www.myblog.com"];
[wp authenticate:@"wordpress-user-name" password:@"wordpress-user-password"];
[wp saveDraft:@"wordpress-post-name" content:@"wordpress-post-content" tags:@"wordpress-post-tags"];
[wp postDraft:@"wordpress-post-name"];
[wp logout];
[wp release];

If there's no such API available, can anybody point me with a references that may assist me to get began on writing my very own?

Interesting time

Consider the Wordpress iOS application: http://ios.wordpress.org/. It offers the required XML-RPC libraries.

EDIT: it uses the XML-RPC interface, which you will find numerous, including https://bitbucket.org/kdbdallas/xmlrpc-ios