I am focusing on a clients site and contains a sidebar menu, which consists of product groups and items as submenus for that product groups. The truth is, which i managed to get toggle to ensure that should you click the product category, it might open the sub menus and when clicked on again, it shuts. Now, basically click the product that's around the sub menu, i arrive at the items page, however i require it to exhibit the submenu within an open condition too.

To date the code is...

    $("#sidebar ul li a").click(function(e){
        if( $(this).parent().children('ul').length > 0 ){
            e.preventDefault(); //prevent the link from being followed

Now, i would like it to have something similar to ...

    if( $("#sidebar .current_page_item") (<< has two ULS, meaning it's a submenu >>)
        $(this). (<< some code to make the submenu display:block >>)

I however have no clue what-so-ever how to get this done, any help could be appreciated.

This was linked by someone else on another question much like yours(page loads slow FYI)

(Naturally you are able to apply your personal turn to that script, it really is just a good example of steps to make a menu lower my default using jquery.).

In a way your question is a bit of a duplicate, but that is not a large deal.

In whatever way, you are able to toggle sub menu's being lower automatically should you see that other question requested some time back, the issue inside your situation is you only want recption menus to become lower automatically on a single page. So you will have to either learn how to apply the experience via jquery, and perhaps some php within wordpress to simply one page. Or perhaps an alternative choice is to simply have two menu scripts, one being lower automatically that's only on that page and the other one which helps make the menu's work as they are doing on the many other pages. Anyone who has a much better jquery understanding then me can most likely help more with this area of the development, however i hope this can help.