I'm focusing on an internet site for any client and they've a fascinating requirement which i weren't able to determine.

Essentially, among their Publish Categorys is perfect for Videos, plus they regularly publish new videos for the reason that category. Each video publish includes a Featured Thumbnail set.

On their own video page, they wish to display pictures for each publish within the category (thats the simple part, can be achieved having a custom query) - however towards the top of the page, they would like to have 1 full publish displayed. If your user clicks among the pictures, it'll display the recording for your thumbnail towards the top of the page, instead of whatever had been there. Does which make sense?

This is a mockup of methods the page is organized:

enter image description here

So I have to use jQuery to essentially load the entire video towards the top of the page, whenever a thumbnail is clicked on - the entire video is simply a WordPress publish, so its a situation of "when thumbnail id x is clicked on, display corrosponding publish in div id="full-video"

Any ideas how to get this done?

Thanks a lot Zach

You will need to create a request towards the server that returns the publish content. Something similar to this:

function getVideo(data) {
    function (data) {


After that time the Server side, something similar to so:

data = get_content($_GET['lookup_post']);
echo data;

I do not recall the exact code off the top my mind, but which should obtain the idea across.