how do i separate the gallery impacted by the lightbox gallery wordpress plugin by per publish basis?

At this time what is happening is say I've 2 posts. Publish 1 has 3 images that we are a gallery Publish 2 has 5 images that we are a gallery

Now after i click one of the images on publish 1, it will open the lightbox gallery not surprisingly. However, the entire images states 1 of 8 and I am in a position to loop with the images from Publish 2 too. How do i prevent that?

Thanks, Tee

Oh guy, I simply discover the answer.

You must do two steps. If you'd like to deal with art galleries individually, add different class names into [gallery] and add codes as much as class names into lightbox-gallery.js.

  1. Edit lightbox-gallery.js and then add codes. Consider the comment from the file.
  2. Give a class into [gallery]. ex) [gallery class="gallery2"]