hey men, yesterday i finally upgraded my wpmu to wordpress 3..4 . i'd the wordpress plugin wordpress-prettyPhoto running effectively before.

Now i can not appear to have it working. the wordpress plugin adds a rel="prettyPhoto" attribute to each image online and that is the actual way it triggers the lightbox.

the rel="" attribute still will get addes effectively. However, if i click a picture nothing happens. not really the actual linked image will get opened up. appears like there's something similar to preventDefault happening.

i've no clue the way i could debug this factor: whenever you click a picture you can observe that nothing happens. my theme includes jquery. the wordpress plugin most likely too.

Perhaps you have attempted improving the wordpress plugin? I'm not sure concerning the wordpress-wordpress plugin but you're while using 2.5.6 version from the jquery wordpress plugin while the newest (Stable) version is 3.0!!