I am presently focusing on a Wordpress website by having an custom jQuery menu. And things are working fine except to begin with. I wish to give a active class for an food selection that corosponds using the current page.

So basicly once the viewer is around the page "catering" I would like the catering menu button the come with an different style then your relaxation. But since it is wordpress I can not make the html and so i guess it needs to be achieved with PHP but that is not really my factor.

So I'm wondering if any one of you can point me within the right direction. This is actually the connect to the web site http://no-illusions.nl/projecten/kokaanhuis/wordpress/# no pages are presently working however when you hover on the button a brown layer seems, I would like that layer to become static (when it is lower) around the current webpage but canĀ“t determine the easiest method to get it done.

Use wordpress_nav_menu (http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wordpress_nav_menu). It attaches a present-menu-item class, in addition to a couple of other helpful classes (current-menu-ancestor, etc) for styling. Plus you will also have the ability to easily edit recption menus using the menu admin page.