Hello, I am gradually mucking all things in teaching myself PHP, etc. via my Wordpress blog. I am utilizing a slightly older theme (no loop.php file), however the latest version of Wordpress.

My issue is this: I have added the DF-style Linked List plugin and it is messed up my Feed a little. After initiating the wordpress plugin, editing the theme, etc., my Feed game titles connect to the right pages but append some garbage to the link to ensure that I recieve a 404 error. So, if my linked list item should indicate:


the particular link within the feed is to


Here's a few of the actual feed. The entire factor reaches WingsOfReason.com/feed.


Therefore it appears apparent in my experience the feed gets the hyperlink after which adding that other junk with referral/campaign-type data. I can not for that existence of me determine where that stuff originates from as well as in which the files will be to edit it. Can anybody assist me to?

Thanks ahead of time for the help,

Stuart the PHP/RSS/Wordpress newbie.