I acquired lots of groups on my small page, making them hierarchical, something similar to this:

- child of somestuff
- - grandchild of somestuff
- - 2nd grandchild of somestuff
- 2nd child of somestuff

Now i wish to create some navigation just for "somestuff" category, that only shows the kid and grandchild elements, the same as this:

<li>child of somestuff
<li>grandchild of somestuff</li>
<li>2nd grandchild of somestuff</li>
<li> ... and so on </li>

Things i tryd first, is: (135 => somestuff)

$args = array(
'show_option_all' => false,
'orderby' => 'name',
'order' => 'ASC',
'style' => 'list',
'hierarchical' => true,
'title_li' => false,
'depth' => 5,
'hide_empty' => false,
'child_of' => '135'

wordpress_list_groups( $args )

However this will not display the "grand child" elements. I want outside assistance with this particular. ~

Company this works, thanks Dogbert, however exactly why this did not work with me the very first time is:


After likely to phpmyadmin, and having fun with fix table a little, it really works again within the admin menu, as well as on the page... Annoying bug here, with no real solution?! :(