I have lately been compromised on my small VPS, and also have since that time installed additional security plug ins in WHM. Well I am not quite sure, but sometime next happened, every time I attempted to login to the wordpress installation on my small VPS, it simply dangles until it occasions out. Throughout this time around my VPS is completely inaccessible, along with the sites located onto it. Then approximately fifteen minutes later, the VPS has returned p again.

Does anybody have ideas or tips that i can rectify this?


To consider a WAG without seeing your config and source, I'd say you've still got an issue inside your code. I.e. Some source code is screwed up. Maybe in the hack?

I'd perform a full re-install of Wordpress (the most recent version).

When your server was used, you never know what code got transformed.

Some good examples of what is happening... PHP adopts some crazy loop utilizing and obstructing all assets (would not be uncommon).

So, I'd perform a fresh re-install of Wordpress.

Honestly though, all of your VPS might be jeopardized. I'd customize the one and begin repairing your server on that. Yes, it'll take considerable time, but it is probably the most guaranteed method to make certain your server is neat and free from additional security issues.