I've got a custom ajax implementation from the Login and Registration parts inside a wordpress site I'm building. This is actually the link: Uploaded site

I personally use the wordpress signon function. It really works perfectly fine during my localhost, but when i submitted it towards the server for testing, there appears to become a problem and that i guess the session variable isn't getting set. Could somebody please assist me ? It authenticates correctly though, in which basically key in an incorrect id and password , a mistake monosodium glutamate is proven.

Perhaps you have up-to-date your wordpress-options table? Frequently whenever you create local after which upload the web addresses inside your options table do not get transformed also it can mess some misconception. Perhaps you have attempted signing in with no awesome UI you built, to ascertain if it's your Wordpress install or even the UI that's leading to this?

Here's something to test running in your database:

update wp_options set option_value=replace(option_value,'local.old', 'local.new');
update wp_posts set post_content=replace(post_content,'local.old', 'local.new');
update wp_posts set guid=replace(guid,'local.old', 'local.new');

Replace all of the local.old together with your old url (most likely 'http://localhost') and all sorts of local.new together with your new url (http://www.enrista.co.za/urbanthirst/ probably).

You will need to question the wordpress_options table to discover what url it had been using should you aren't sure. To discover that old url, do this:

SELECT option_name FROM wp_options WHERE option_name='siteurl'

Altering which will frequently fix these problems, because Wordpress will attempt to gain access to that old web site to login, when the web addresses aren't transformed within the table.