I've my Wordpress install and MediaWiki sharing the same login information. Regrettably customers have to log into both individually, but a minimum of they will use exactly the same qualifications.

What I must do is result in a effective sign in around the Wordpress blog also to result in a sign in for MediaWiki (ideally both directions). You will find two ways this might happen:

  1. Signing in leads to a sign in alternatively application (creates the cookie and produces the session within the DB)
  2. Being able to access a credit card applicatoin inspections for that cookie from the other after which instantly logs in.

Because the user names are shared it appears such as the latter ought to be pretty simple to do. Any tips could be great.

The main problem you will encounter is the fact that you will have two login forms, and 2 logout techniques. What you ought to do is pick among the login forms because the default, and redirect another one to it.

I have had the opportunity to successfully integrate bbPress + MediaWiki + WordPress + WordPress MU, however i authored lots of custom code to get it done.

I am while using bbPress login page because the default (and .htaccess rewrite to /login/), after which I produced my very own MediaWiki authentication wordpress plugin (which looks nearly the same as the main one you're using), except my wordpress plugin inspections the WordPress/bbPress cookie for that login information and instantly logs the consumer in.

I produced a personalized /logout/ link that runs the bbPress logout, as well as kills the MediaWiki snacks simultaneously.

Then your last step ended up being to redirect the many other logout / login links for bbpress, mediawiki, etc, to my consolidated one. I made use of .htaccess rewrites with this instead of wreck havoc on core code.

Still a piece happening, however it works fairly well.

You could look at some type of single-sign-on software. I'm not aware associated with a which are free and I have only ever used SiteMinder that is neither free nor good. Crowd might be better (but is again not free).

I have seen a setup dealing with Invision Power Board, using IpbWiki along with a Wordpress integration mod. Actually, it's costly and excessive.

Both of them support OpenId now.

You will find most likely other available choices for implementing OpenId, however i think that's the very best solution available.