I am just getting began with WordPress and that i take some help developing a menu. I am using WordPress 3.1 using the Suffusion theme.

I have got a dropdown menu functioning. I produced a category. Let us refer to it as "My Pages". I wish to list the web pages during my site (not posts) under this category. Within the Menu portion of Wordpress, I pulled the needed pages and placed them under "My Pages". I indented them. I triggered recption menus. Recption menus seems, and that i may use the dropdown to choose the page I would like.

However , basically click on the heading, "My Pages", i quickly get "Not Found. Sorry, but you're searching for something which is not here." How do you solve this issue? I'm not going recption menus going to open its very own page. I merely would like it to function as the at risk of the dropdown menu.



Okay, I believed it.

1) In Suffusion Options --> Other Graphical Elements --> Primary Navigation Bar --> Pages in Navigation Bar --> "Pages" Title: I place it to "My Pages".

2) Pages in Navigation Bar - Any Selected: Checkmarked Include choices in the next option

3) Choose pages to incorporateOrleave out in Navigation Bar: Checkmarked the right pages.

4) Clicked on Save Page 'Main Navigation Bar'

5) To be able to obtain the dropdown menu to show the web pages within the correct order, edit each page and under Page Characteristics input several under Order. (I figured that Order only affected the horizontal positioning of tabs within the menu. Within the dropdown menu it changes the vertical position).