I am trying to puzzle out how you can display a menu that's been produced, but without needing to assign recption menus to some theme location.

From what I will tell, you need to assign a menu to some theme menu location after which wordpress_nav_menu calls a menu from whatever location you would like.

I'd rather not need to assign a menu to some theme location. Rather, I wish to have the ability to produce a menu after which query it inside my theme... no matter theme location.

I have produced a wordpress plugin personally that utilizes wordpress_get_nav_menus to list out all the menus I have produced... I'm able to then assign any menu to some page/publish. Now, I am stuck trying to puzzle out how you can retrieve that menu... again, not menu theme location.


Well, it appears like I discovered things i need:


I've found it odd that wp_get_nav_menus is not recorded within the Codex.

Paste this code inside your theme wherever you need to display

wp_nav_menu( array('menu' => 'menu-name' ));