Wishing someone might help.

I have inherited a Wordpress based website that has WPMP already installed &lifier triggered &lifier focusing on it (I can tell it focus on many pages).

I have needed to produce a custom template &lifier a couple of pages which use this template. Regrettably, after i change to mobile mode (or browse the new pages on my small apple iphone), no posts show.

The custom template needs to query for posts multiple occasions to show different types of posts in various places. I've got a feeling these dynamic queries are getting rid of the power for WPMP to determine any posts whatsoever.

Therefore the only factor I'm able to think about doing is in some way "supplying" WPMP their email list of posts see.

How do you do that?


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Are you currently using wp_reset_query after each loop? http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_reset_query

Use Firebug with Opera, or Chrome's or Safari's or IE8's developer tools to determine what's loading in your site and appearance for javascript errors and css conflicts.

if you're getting trouble fetch posts in mobile pack, then in custom temple, please run wordpress_query or SQL command to choose all posts and declared a

Global $posts

and when $posts is populated then your regular instructions that are used informed could be performed to exhibit posts.

I believe that inside your situation you should way is to: 1. Upgrade wordpress towards the lastest version. 2. Install http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wptouch/ - that is going to do everything for you personally on mobile.