I'm while using <!--more--> tag during my wordpress copy to produce an excerpt in the primary content as well as echo a hyperlink, yet it's totally neglecting this tag and merely posting the entire article, below is hope I'm applying it during my templates,

<?php the_content("Read more about this article..."); ?> shall we be held doing a problem? Presently it's showing the while publish after i make use of the above code, yet it's my belief it should only only show everything over the <!--more--> tag?

Possibly you're using custom page template to show archives. "More" tag does not operate in pages. If you wish to turn it on in Pages...

According to the state WordPress support site:

From using your PHP code, it appears like you need to make use of the more tag on pages. More works together with blogs although not pages. Please add the next code for your document above your PHP line you provided to really make it work:

global $more;
$more = 0;

Also, ensure that you aren't simply in preview mode which you've really released the content and previewed it:

[T]he more tag isn't displayed in publish previews, since previews display posts in whole, however the more tag can look when the publish continues to be released.