I've got a question about moving wordpress sites around. I have read the majority of the Support Paperwork about moving a wordpress site. My real question is this, an amount everyone recommend when it comes to moving only certain posts in one site right into a completely different domain. My current domain is really a tech/blog installation. Yesteryear year approximately, I have been posting my technical stuff to another domain, and my current domain is collecting a great deal of dust. What I am thinking of doing is turn my current domain right into a personal blog and move only my technical articles to the brand new blog.

Clearly, there's most likely a good way to maneuver posts and comments over (i've not investigated it but i am confident I'm able to do that pretty easily). The real real question is the way i would present these posts around the current site after they are moved to the brand new domain? Will I have them around the current domain? Must I redirect customers towards the new domain instantly on only these posts? Must I take them off in the current site? These kind of questions I am wondering and when everyone come with an pointers please tell me.

I wound up setting up the Redirection wordpress plugin for Wordpress after conveying in the original Wordpress install and posting the "old" articles in to the new site install. Using the wordpress plugin I could create permanent redirections, and also, since then, search engines like google have up-to-date and reflected the brand new site searching results, which means this was certainly the very best solution.

I understand there's a choice somewhere within the admin panel to export your articles to xml, I do not remember whether it enables you to decide on between certain groups or even the full content, however, you could most likely by hand affect the xml file to retain just the info you'll need.

I'd take away the publish in the current site after placing these to the brand new site and finally publish just a little note somewhere for a while telling site visitors regarding your other tech-only blog which a few of the content continues to be moved there.