I wish to programatically produce a Blog/Site in Wordpress Muti site (Networking enabled wordpres). Can there be any API to achieve that? Otherwise, Can One directly place the information in to the database?

I wish to produce a wordpress site according to among my custom registration forms from the php page. Any Help/Links towards the documentation is going to be appreciated. Thanks.

this works best for sub directory installs:

global $current_site;
wpmu_create_blog( $current_site->domain, $current_site->path . 'mysite/', 'My Site', 1 );

which should work with sub domain installs:

global $current_site, $base;
wpmu_create_blog( 'mysite.mydomain.com', $base, 'My Site', 1 );

if you want to give a blog with along with a user simultaneously, browse the code in /wordpress-admin/ms-edit.php around where it states 'case 'addblog':' online 139. There's code to sanitze the domain, following there's code to include a brand new user from an e-mail.