I've got a project with WordPress for any multi-language, multi-country site.

I wish to possess a structure like:

  • domain.com
  • domain.com/es
  • domain.com/p
  • domain.com/fr

  • domain.es

  • domain.es/en

  • domain.fr

  • domain.fr/en

  • domain.p

  • domain.p/en

I'm wondering if anybody had any helpful articles, tips or experience. The concept would be that the .com site function as the 'parent' site. Another satellite sites could be within their native language automatically, but may have other languages available. Ideally, every individual satellite site might have some leeway to possess styles/content that might be diverse from parents site.

I additionally want parents site to make use of canonicalization, to ensure that the 'satellite' (country-specific, top-level-domain) sites have priority.

I suppose I am most curious to understand about:

  • Domain mapping and compatibility with WMPL